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Dirty Habit Cocktails

Pumpkin AF

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Our first seasonal pumpkin mix is a fun twist on pumpkin! Pumpkin AF is really like a pumpkin pie meets a fall festival with strong hints of apple and cinnamon. This cocktail mix can be used to create a smooth Pumpkin Pie Old Fashioned, a Pumpkin Martini, a Pumpkin Mule or even a Pumpkin Tea. There are so many options with our new favorite! just add alcohol and ENJOY!


*Pumpkin AF Martini pictured: Fill jar with Vodka, chill, swirl, strain 2 oz into shaker with 1 oz Pumpkin Purée syrup (Real Brand or Toscani), shake with ice and strain into martini glass. Garnish with apple from the jar. 

*Pumpkin AF Old Fashioned pictured: Fill jar with your favorite bourbon (we used 6 oz Revel Stoke Pumpkin and 18 oz Whistle Pig), chill, strain into glass over big ice cube, garnish with orange or cinnamon from the jar.