Why Choose Dirty Habit?

Dirty Habit Infused Craft Cocktail Mix is more than just a cocktail mix, it's an experience. All of our infusions are made with the freshest (locally sourced) fruit, herbs and botanicals.

Dirty Habit Cocktail Mix is about taking a break to enjoy life (and smooth craft cocktails) on the porch, by the fire or on the couch because you've earned it.

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Keep it crafty, classy and a little boozy!

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  • POUR

    Dirty Habit Cocktail Mixes are so easy to use! Each jar can be used twice, so be sure to remove one big sugar cube for round two!

    Order your favorite jar mix, select your favorite spirits and add to the jar! It really is that simple. Start simple and add spirits that pair well with the jar mix. For example, each old fashioned mix pairs well with bourbon or whiskey. Get crazy and try it with a dark rum or tequila!

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    Let it chill! Fill that jar and let it chill. Place your jar in the fridge for a few hours, over night or up to 30 days and let the infusion process begin. The longer the chill, the sweeter and deeper the taste. Dirty Habit Cocktails get better by the day!

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    When you are ready to ENJOY strain 2-3 ounces of the mix into your glass and drink alone or with a mixer...it's all up to you! Each jar makes 8-10 drinks and can be used twice for 16-20 drinks if you save one big sugar cube for round 2!

    Remember that each jar is infused spirits so a mixer might be preferred when making your cocktail. For example, a Mule Mix can be added to the glass then mixed with a splash of ginger beer over ice. Garnish with something fancy or just enjoy and relax!

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It's Simple! Pour, Chill, Enjoy!

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