Frequently Asked Questions

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We always suggest spirit options and ideas but this is really something you should decide. We suggest trying new pairings and sharing what's good on our Facebook page! A good rule of thumb though is to try our suggestions if you're not sure, then buy another jar and try something new! 

Did I mention how easy DH is? The answer is nope, you can save the jar in the refrigerator and use it for up to 30 days. In fact, the longer the infusion the smoother and more flavorful the taste. 

You can add club soda, water, cider or whatever you prefer to make the jar zero proof! It is still delicious and the flavors are still just as fun!

We recommend at least 3 hours but the sweet spot is usually 24 hours in the refrigerator. That is where we personally find the most flavorful infusion- anything beyond that it just gets better and better and better...shake or stir before using for sure! 


Well, that is simple...because they are delicious. You can use them more than once and we are super cool, really nice people just trying to make awesome craft cocktails easy to have at home.