Size DOES Matter!

We have had many different learning experiences as Cocktail Jar Infusion Specialists (yep, we made up that title) and have learned this year that size does matter! Each and every orange, lemon and lime is unique in it's flavor and size. Each season brings new sizes, sweeter flavors and a bit of planning when putting those extra large juicy oranges into a jar. We take pride in our creative jar packing but sometimes...we have to break those dang oranges to get them in the jar. They are packed with flavor and so, so good when infusing! If it's broken, just know it broke our hearts to snap it but it’s going to give you incredible flavor!

On another note, we currently have a love/hate relationship with limes! Those beautiful little green monsters taste delicious in the Mule and Marg, but this season they are extra flavorful and extra tiny! In each Spicy Marg it takes 10-12 dried limes to create the PERFECT flavor, anything more is just not necessary taste wise! Believe us, we’ve taste tested a bunch. 

No matter the size of the fruit, we promise to continue to create high quality, locally sourced (when possible), beautiful jars that are made with love! We hope you love our jars as much as we love creating them! 


The DH Team

Cheers to 2023